IHEAC (International Higher Education Accreditation Commission) is an international higher education accreditation institution established in 2020. Our aim is to provide an independent evaluation and accreditation process to determine and assure the quality and standards of higher education institutions.

Our mission is to help higher education institutions internationally be recognized for their excellence, teaching quality and best practices. Accreditation in higher education is an important process to ensure the trust of students and society while determining the quality and standards of educational institutions. As IHEAC, we carry out this process meticulously and try to increase the international recognition and reputation of higher education institutions.

We adopt a quality standards-based approach and our accreditation process is carried out objectively by an independent evaluation team. Higher education institutions have to meet a certain set of criteria and prove their compliance with the determined standards. While our evaluation process is transparent and fair, we provide valuable feedback to help our institutions improve the quality of teaching and the opportunities available to students.

A customer focused international registrar with a unique approach to registration. We believe in the partnership approach to registration by creating a “Four-Way Partnership” between our Valued Customers, Experienced Auditors, Competent Office Staff and Organizations. Each partner is vital to a successful and value added registration.

Our goal is to make the entire registration process a positive experience. IHEAC was established in 2020 by a team of Experienced Auditors, Successful Quality Professionals, and Experts in the Standards/Technical Specifications that IHEAC services.


At IHEAC, we are constantly updating and improving our quality standards to provide a reliable accreditation service in international higher education. By providing support to the higher education institutions we work with, we guide them on their journey to excellence.

If you are a higher education institution and are interested in the accreditation process, we look forward to working with you and helping you bring your institution in line with international standards. Please contact us for more information.