– 2020 IHEAC was established based in England. It works on education investments and quality standards in the international arena.

– 2021: It acts with the vision of developing an accreditation process in line with international standards during the establishment phase.

– 2022: IHEAC was officially established in the UK and started to offer accreditation services. During this period, IHEAC focused on the accreditation processes of international higher education institutions and worked to increase the quality of education and raise standards.

– 2022: IHEAC’s reputation and effectiveness are increasingly recognized among higher education institutions around the world.

– 2023: IHEAC has become an important actor in accreditation services for higher education institutions. IHEAC determines the quality standards of higher education institutions, manages the accreditation processes and increases the international recognition of institutions.

Today, IHEAC continues to provide a reliable accreditation service in the field of higher education. The institution continues its efforts to support higher education institutions around the world to achieve their quality-oriented goals.